Brenda Miller

BreakThrough, BodyTalk and Soul Mind Body Medicine are undiscovered pearls.  I use all of my training to help people in whatever way they need it.  I work doing distance or on-site sessions using BodyTalk and teach my clients sound healing to further enhance their health.  When I’m not doing BodyTalk, I’m doing Breakthrough, a seven step process used to lead you to the discovery of the pearls in your life.  Doing this work will be engaging, enchanting, illuminating, and, a relief.  In this class you’ll recognize the healing nature of conflict, how to transform reactionary behavior, how to make yourself a priority, and, you’ll dare to be imperfect – and love it.   

I am a Certified BreakThrough 1 Instructor, BodyTalk Instructor, & Soul Mind Body Medicine Guide, and have the pleasure of teaching internationally when I’m not at my clinic in Canada.  Brenda MillerI feel that the real business of life is to experience joy in our existence and eliminate pain and suffering as much as possible. 

BodyTalk  I offer private and/or group sessions using distance and on-site healing techniques. 

Soul Mind Body Medicine  I offer private and/or group sessions using distance and on-site healing techniques, teleconference healing sessions and teleconference classes.

BreakThrough   Joy, satisfaction, peace.  That’s what this work has done for me and many others.  Before BreakThrough, I knew very little about peace.  I lived by a long list of ‘shoulds’ and ‘should nots’.  I thought I should try to be perfect.  I thought that I didn’t ever quite measure up; I could easily find fault with myself and others.  I thought that something must be wrong with me, and them.  I thought that I had to work hard for everything and that life was a struggle.  I thought that I should always put others first because they were more important than me.  I thought that if I put myself out there, I’d get hurt.  I even discovered that I had an unconscious belief system that played out regularly in my life: it’s normal to be sick.  Most of the time I pretended I was well-adjusted, but really, I was a master at ‘coping’, which is not a tribute to strength but rather, a tribute to weakness.  If you’d asked me then if I was happy, I would have said yes and then defended myself until you got tired of listening to how happy I was. 

I’ve learned since then that any defense is an attempt at feeling safe. I learned that I was defending something that wasn’t serving me…faulty belief systems.  I learned that defenses were really the rejection of unintegrated aspects of myself; and they were being shown to me via something I didn’t like about another person.  I learned that all I needed to learn, I did learn in kindergarten.  I learned that everything I needed to unlearn I could unlearn in BreakThrough.  I learned that the conditioning I received, through no fault of my parents, or theirs, and so on as far back as you can go, was acquired for the very valuable purpose of ‘unacquiring’ it.  I learned that I already was what I’d always wanted to be.  I learned that peace and joy and spontaneity, and compassion were my natural state and that they had just been covered by ‘masks’ – the ‘I shoulds and should nots’.  I learned that faulty belief systems were driving me around my life, stopping here and there to pick up more and more discomfort.  I learned that all I had to do was unlearn them.  So I am – all over the world, with anyone who really wants to know about daring to be imperfect; about making themselves a priority; about the cause of, and disempowerment of, reactionary behavior, about how conflict gives way to peace, about getting back to their natural joy. 

You probably want to know if I’m qualified to take you through a process unlike any you’ve ever imagined.  I am---because I live the work.  I still have buttons pushed on a regular basis, but now I have a way of looking at them that shifts the focus from the ‘other’ to me and that’s where I’ve found relief.  I’ve been teaching BreakThrough and BodyTalk since 2004 to anyone who wants to learn it.   

I did the usual amount of ‘learning’ and have an Associate Degree in Holistic Nutrition from the Clayton College of Natural Health in Birmingham, Alabama.  Some diplomas that have ended up with my name on them are Business, Creative Writing and Massage Therapy, which I learned only to be better at my BodyTalk practice. 

But that’s not where I learned alchemy.  I learned ‘magic’ or how to observe the transformation of illness into health and sadness into joy courtesy of the school of hard knocks.  I was an honor student. 

On the same day, a priest denied me last rights as I lay in a hospital with some of my vital organs shutting down, a man walked into my room and asked me if I knew the power of the mind.  I had a tumor in the brain and mercury poisoning, so you can imagine how distracted I was when he wanted to teach me to use the power of the mind to regain my health.  I explained to him that I was probably not going to live much longer.  He ignored my “but, but, but’s” and gave me a gift I’ve treasured ever since; my life.  I used the little trick he taught me---all night long.  When I grew strong enough and got out of the hospital, I went unconsciously looking for…something.  I found it in BodyTalk which led me to BreakThrough where I started my unlearning.

BreakThrough has been my focus since March, 2002, when I walked into my first BreakThrough class.  I’d never taken a self-help class in my life and I soon learned this wasn’t one either.  It was a reflection of the self through self-honesty.  If you can fail at this class, I did.  I held onto my defenses and looked at Esther as though she was from a far away planet.  But something inside me broke and crumbled on that day and I could no longer deny that I was about to embark on a journey of such magnificent proportions that I would never be the same.  Something inside of me ‘knew’ that what I was hearing was closer to the truth than anything I’d ever heard before.  I didn’t like it, but there it was.  The truth.  Staring me in my many faces. 

Nowadays, when I’m not traveling to teach BodyTalk or BreakThrough 1 or Soul Mind Body Medicine, or doing BreakThrough Teleconferences for anyone who has taken the class, or doing BodyTalk by distance with more satisfaction that I could have ever imagined possible, you’ll find me kayaking on a beautiful lake in Western Canada with my husband or kids, or a friend, doing BreakThrough and laughing…for the joy of it. 

Come with me and we can watch something break and crumble inside of you to reveal the health and joy just waiting to be uncovered.   

Brenda Miller



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