From Becoming to Being

The premise of BreakThrough 1 is that, as individuals, we are all responsible for our own experience of life. In order to embrace this responsibility we need to focus on the ‘inside job,’ which is thwarted by the belief that others are the cause, and to blame, for our problems.

The 7 Steps process of BreakThrough provides a medium for getting in touch with the deep-seated, limiting beliefs we unconsciously adopt in childhood. These beliefs are the ones that are catalyzed each time we over-react to situations in life. What we learn from this is that others catalyze, rather than cause, the pain inherent in these beliefs. In this way others offer us the opportunity of getting in touch with, and gaining perspective on, the mental rigidities that control us and keep us in victim- and blame-consciousness.

In short, BreakThrough 1 is a system for transforming reactionary living into conscious living.                                      Esther Veltheim          


Learn 7 steps, in a weekend seminar, to diffuse triggers, resolve conflicts, and uncover disempowering beliefs & themes that make life difficult. 

Are Your Buttons Being Pushed Too Often?

Family & Relationships
Do your kids upset you?  Does your husband/wife not appreciate you?
Break Through for Couples - Do it Together

Would you rather not be there because of your unfeeling boss or your back-stabbing colleagues?

Are you unhappy with your health or body?  Do you eat too much, avoid exercise or always get sick?

Do you avoid social situations or certain people?

Do you have a lot of stress about money?

Do you feel emotionally out of control or out of touch?  Do you have thoughts that upset you?  Do you feel disconnected?


The PaRama School of Philosophy and Life Sciences invites you to join BRENDA MILLER, Certified International BreakThrough 1 Instructor for a dynamic workshop using The BreakThrough System TM    

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