BreakThrough With Brenda

Course Outline

Seminar Course Outline by Brenda Miller, CBr1

In this class you will find:
Discovery and delight.
Universal truths.
Laughter and fun.
Heart wrenching moments.
Peace and joy.

Friday 7pm to 9pm – Free Public Lecture/Part 1 Of Class 

  •         What Do You Find When You BreakThrough?
  •         Conflict & Unity…and Other Opposites
  •         Who Really Makes Us “Feel”?
  •         Beliefs – The CEO Within Us
  •         Conditioning – How It Molds Us
  •         The Many Faces We Hide Our ‘Natural Self’ Behind
  •         BreakThrough As A Regressive Practice

Saturday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Lunch and two coffee/tea breaks.

  •         The Philosophy Of BreakThrough 1 
  •         Emotions & Behavior – The Truth
  •         The 7 Primary Concepts:
  • 1.    Responsive living:  when we respond to a situation, it leads to more        peaceful living, less exploding and less imploding.

  • 2.    Reactive living and coping mechanisms:  the more obsessive and rigid        our beliefs, the stronger our defenses become and the more reactive our        responses will be.  The end result is that our beliefs undermine our        happiness because a life lived defensively contains little true joy.

  • 3.    Defining our catalysts:  catalysts are the external situations that push our        buttons.  The buttons are the deep-seated beliefs we hold about life and        self that drive our behavior and over-reactions.

  • 4.    Belief systems are our ideals, opinions, attitudes, and mores – the shoulds        and shouldn’ts of life. 

  • 5.    Personal identification with emotions and actions:  when we are labeled        enough, ‘You are bad, stupid, worthless,’ etc. we mistakenly believe that is        who we are.    

  • 6.    Blame consciousness:  is the simplest way of avoiding and not gaining        perspective.  To blame another is to avoid self-honesty and rigidify the        belief that others are the cause of our experience of life.  To give up        blaming others is also to give up blaming self.

  • 7.    Victim consciousness:  is a disempowering belief that says ‘external         events and people control my emotions’.  Victim consciousness is the         simplest means of avoiding responsibility for our own life experience.

  • ·        The 7 Steps (Theory & Demonstration):
      • 1.    Admitting to an over-reaction (reacting to a situation) and fining the        catalyst.  Making a ‘feeling’ or ‘appearing’ statement.
      • 2.    Finding the predominant emotion associated with the situation.
      • 3.    Describing the emotion honestly (behavior).
      • 4.    Discovering the external belief systems involved.  Getting the ‘aha’.
      • 5.    Revealing the internal belief systems.
      • 6.    Using logic to demonstrate that the belief system is faulty.  Recognizing         the surface and ulterior motives for the over-reaction.
      • 7.    The new awareness gained as a result of the 7 steps.  Fully forgiving self. 

Sunday 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

Lunch and two coffee/tea breaks.

  • Review steps
  • Group BreakThrough (3 or 4 to a group) to practice.

    BreakThrough in pairs (one facilitates/exchange).

  • Certificates  (Receiving a certificate in this workshop will enable you to do BreakThroughs on others, or on clients depending on your country’s laws).

See you there. 


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