“Man is born free,

but is everywhere in chains.”



We all want to be happy and confident, and spend our days feeling calm, no matter what happens around us.   We wish that life were easier.   We wish that we wouldn’t fight with our spouse and kids; we wish that the ‘in laws’ wouldn’t act like outlaws.  We wish that we wouldn’t tell people off so eloquently ‘in our heads’ long after they’ve gone and we’re working ourselves into another frenzy over the problem.  We wish that we wouldn’t feel scared, or sad or full of grief.  We wish that people would be fair and not use us or abuse us or criticize us.  We wish that it would be safe to be honest.  We wish we wouldn’t worry.  We wish that we could be certain that if someone knew what we were really like, they’d love us anyway, ‘warts’ and all.  We wish that little things that are stupid, like spilling the milk all over the kitchen floor didn’t upset us.  We wish that we could feel joy where ever we are. 


We wish there was an answer to the many problems we face every day.  There is.  It’s a new 7 step system that you can use for the rest of your life to bust the ‘buttons’ that appear to be making your life difficult.   It’s called The BreakThrough System™  and it can break through the beliefs that are creating your unhappiness.   



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