The Duel Of The Dual Mind


The True Fight For Peace


The minute we’re born, we’re weighed and measured.

The dual mind then does the same thing.  It weighs and measures, or judges, everything.  It splits apart the ‘one’ into ‘two’ which leads to chaos.


The tension we feel in life is from trying to hold the ‘one’ apart.

All polar opposites are mutually complementary.  We can’t experience one without experiencing the other in direct proportion.  Also, there is as much ‘good’ as there is ‘bad’ in all complementary opposites.  Using ‘happy’ and ‘sad’ as an example, each can be accurately described as good or bad.  A good thing about feeling happy is that when we feel happy, we are more at ease.  The bad thing about being happy and at ease is we don’t grow because we are complacent.  The bad thing about being sad is we are less at ease.  The good thing about being sad is that we grow because we look for a way to move out of the sadness.  Sad and Happy are each one-half of the whole.  If sadness is a big trigger for us, we’ll attract or become sad because our belief systems are showing us what we’ve yet to integrate.      


The ‘aha’ - Integration

Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, a well known Quantum Physicist says that in physics when two polar opposites such as matter and antimatter interact, they annihilate each other and trapped light escapes.  In BreakThrough the mind seemingly contradicts itself by saying things like being spontaneous is bad and then moments later saying being spontaneous is good.  In that moment, spontaneous as ‘good’ and ‘bad’ integrate in the mind (they interact).  What escapes?  Trapped light – the ‘aha’ which leads to peace. 



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