E = energy

Motion = movement

Emotion = movement of energy (with a kick)


The source of emotions is an activated belief systems.

Example:  your partner doesn’t put his/her dirty dishes in the dishwasher.  You feel used.  Emotion arises as a result of a belief system around being used.  ‘If I am used, I am unimportant.’  In the mind, being unimportant is ‘bad’ so the emotion is a ‘bad’ one and energy moves in the form of feeling anger, worry, grief, sadness or worry.


‘Working on’ emotions is an effort in futility.

Emotions arise after the belief system as been activated, so it is necessary to work on the belief system to expect different emotions to arise out of the same old circumstances. 


Emotions are inflations & deflations – away from the centre and centeredness.

Our belief systems are the CEO of our emotions and behaviors.  To shift the emotions and behaviors, we have to shift the power of the beliefs. 




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