Looking At Language


The ‘Soul Purpose’ of a human is to awaken through experiencing the unawakened state.  The universe is, and always has been behind us in that endeavor in every way, including language.  


Look at the language you use – everything out of our mouths is a message for us.

Find something you say regularly.  Then find the message in it.  For example if you know someone who says:  ‘absolutely’ regularly, the message could be that there should be no doubt, things should be absolute.  In other words, doubt is troublesome.   When doubt comes into their mind through whatever means, it will cause some kind of stress or tension.  Breaking through the internal belief system behind it will bring relief, to the bodymind. 


Think about the sounds you hear.

Our names (the one most people call us), because we hear it often, or any other words we hear often, contain sounds that resonate with us in order to have the unconscious become conscious. 



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