The Science Of The Mind

·        BreakThrough, the simple 7-step tool enables one to start uncovering the rigid, unconscious          attitudes that distort and control our world view, preventing us from living life fully. Living          fully means embracing life, looking forward to every day and each new experience,          finding joy in everyday tasks, and feeling connected. 

·        Using a deductive process, the steps transform our reactionary living into conscious          living during the workshop and continue this life enhancing process towards wholeness and          wellness, thereafter.

·        Debilitating, deep-seated, rigid beliefs are easily accessed and disempowered through          the steps.

·        Conflict with the external is always an indication of conflict with the internal, so          resolution of problems must start with ourselves.

·        Anyone can learn the steps and use them for the rest of their lives to bring understanding          and joy to being human.

·        The steps will shift your perspective…and change your life.



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