Spiritual Growth By Regression


Freedom Is An ‘Unlearning’


The natural process of being human allows for us to acquire conditioning or belief systems.

Only when they’ve been acquired, can they be ‘unacquired’. 


It’s all about you.

If your mother was irritable and frowned at you when you were a baby, your subconscious mind determined that you were responsible for your mother’s state of happiness and state of unhappiness.  This ‘seed’ is nurtured and grows and we experience being responsible for others’ emotional states - until we expose the belief system as faulty.  This is the unlearning of ‘I am responsible for the emotional state of others’ and delivers freedom.


We can’t see what we need to unlearn.

The conscious mind, or what we are aware of, occupies between 2 – 4% of the brain (and could be compared to the tip of the iceberg) while the subconscious mind, or what we are not aware of, occupies 96 – 98% (and compares to the submersed portion of the iceberg).  Which part of the mind is determining our experience of life?  The bottom – the part that holds information or belief systems we are unaware of is the CEO of our experience of life.  The Belief systems are showing us our experience of life in an attempt for us to ‘unlearn’ them.  The exposure, using the 7 steps in BreakThrough disempowers the faulty belief systems.  Freedom.  


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