What Students Say About Brenda Miller & BreakThrough: 

 ·        Brenda has a fantastic sense of humor, clear teaching style, and heartfelt compassion that will let you remember her long after the class is over.  This class is the ONE everyone should take for their own peace of mind, sense of discovery about self and others, and for the joy of true understanding. 

·        I was scared of taking the class.  In the class I learned that I was scared of moving out of my comfort zone.  It turned out that my comfort zone was what was making me miserable. 

 ·        I didn’t want to know anymore about myself than I already did.  But, I did want to live a more balanced life.  I didn’t want to be upset with my husband and kids and almost everyone else, either.  I discovered…what you will.  Take the class.  Not because someone tells you it’s good for you, but to catapult you out of the cycle of miserable relationships. 

·        I wanted to find some peace.  I found it. 

·        I’m a seminar junkie.  This one tops the list.

·        The discoveries were deep and liberating beyond belief.

·        The instructor was pure joy.

I’ve never resisted taking a class so much in my life.  I found every excuse not to take it.  It’s the one single best thing I’ve ever done for myselfEver. 


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