Understanding Paradox


Paradox:  A seemingly contradictory statement that expresses a possible truth.


All polar opposites are complementary.

Each is one-half of the whole.  Any ‘one-halfs’ of ourselves that we haven’t integrated will be triggers for us until we do. 


To make progress, we must regress.

The learning and conditioning we’ve acquired are the trappings for more of the same.   To grow we must ‘unlearn’.  BreakThrough is a regressive practice to help us unlearn and expose the true nature of the human being; peaceful, compassionate, spontaneous, joyful.


The people and situations that upset us are our greatest teachers or gifts.

‘Only that which is the other will give us fully unto ourselves’.  Yogananda.  Through them, and things they do and say that trigger us, we can see the unintegrated aspects of self and begin to integrate them. 



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