What’s Your Poison?

How Often Do You Take It?

Once A Day Or More?

What’s making you unhappy?  Self-Destructive?

 Is your poison:  conflict with others, or within yourself, work, addiction to the computer, complaining, demanding people, criticizing self, criticizing others, money, food, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, gambling, sex, bad or painful relationships, pain or illness in the mind or body, negative self-talk, stifling your feelings, compulsiveness, lying, fear, neediness, grief, worry, sadness, anger, jealousy, guilt, stealing, obsessing, procrastination, double-standards, revenge…?

Would You Like To Start ‘Taking’

 Things That Are Good For You?

Well Being Three Times A Day

 Nurturing Twice A Day

 Laughter In Large Doses

 Find Out How You Abuse Your ‘self’’

Take a step towards giving yourself everything you’d give someone you love and join Brenda Miller, CBr1 at the BreakThrough Seminar coming to your area soon. 

You Are Invited To Start A New Life…Are You Coming?