• The BodyTalk Access class is a one day seminar that provides lay people and professionals with a simple and effective 10-minute set of energy-based techniques designed to deal with all types of health challenges for anyone of any age.  You learn easy hand positions, light touching and tapping, and deep breathing in a sequence that brings about balance and communication in the body and mind.  Through exposure to stress, genetics, environmental factors, and lifestyle, communication within the body and mind are compromised, which leads to a decline in physical, emotional and/or mental health.  This exciting new system corrects imbalances that lead to illness so symptoms disappear and good health is restored.  In this course you will learn to balance: 


  •        The brain; improvements in thinking, memory, concentration, and        stress reduction.
  •        Normalizing the ‘switching’ mechanism in the brain to reduce stress        and raise the stress threshold, enabling you to be more calm during        chaotic times.
  •        Hydrating the cells of the body to enable them to utilize water at a                 cellular level thereby reducing pain and fatigue.
  •        Stimulation of the immune system to address viruses,        bacteria, parasites and fungi, as well as addressing allergies, food        intolerances and accumulated toxins.
  •        Reestablishing the integrity of the muscles and bones to aid in injuries,        arthritis, circulatory issues, coordination patterns, spinal problems and chronic pain.
  •        Fast Aid can resolve minor first aid issues simply and safely and can also be used  to improve        health conditions in major first aid situations.