During Your Session

1.  The practitioner will read the information you have supplied them with regarding your      health concerns.
2.  At the time of the appointment, you will lie down or sit comfortably (loosen tight clothing)      without any interruptions or disruptions (no phone, no radio, no television, no      conversation) for approximately 10 minutes.
3.  The practitioner will then report on the healing priorities dealt with during your session.

What You Might Feel During Your Session:

1.  heat - energy changes result in heat being generated;
2.  coolness;
3.  tingling;
4.  sleepiness;
5.  lightness;
6.  heaviness;
7.  emotional release (for example, you may have unexplained tears);
8.  momentary slight discomfort in different areas of the body;
9.  OR, you may feel nothing; the session is still working.

What You Might Feel After Your Session:

1.  all of the above;
2.  slight discomfort in areas that are healing;
3.  symptoms typical to a cold or flu;
4.  symptoms typical to detoxification;
5.  joy, vitality, and a sense of well-being;
6.  disappearance of pain and illness.