Clients' Comments

  • "I will use BodyTalk for the rest of my life...I think it saved my life."

  • "I'm over sixty, and I can't describe what it feels like to say that the migraines I've suffered with since I was a child are gone."

  • "I lost the arthritis out of my hands 24 hours after my first BodyTalk session, and it's still gone. That was three years ago."

  • "I have a 'miracle' baby. I had three miscarriages and was told that I would never be able to conceive a child because of the damage done to my reproductive system."

  • "I cancelled my surgery to have my prostate fixed. I needed a catheter as my bladder wouldn't work. After the first BodyTalk session, I was able to go by myself and after the sixth session, I was able to take the catheter out."

  • "I used BodyTalk to help me sleep. Distance sessions were performed by BodyTalk practitioners when I was off the coast of Africa on an oilrig. I knew every time the sessions were done, because I went to sleep for twelve hours." (See Insomnia by Distance in the Success Stories for more information.)

  • "The back pain that had me swallowing handfuls of pain pills and had my doctor suggesting surgery has been gone for two years…thanks to BodyTalk."

  • "I was born deaf in one ear, and after 12 sessions, I can hear a whisper at 3 feet!"

  • "My doctor can't believe that my glaucoma is reversing. I can't either. Thank you BodyTalk." (See Glaucoma in the Success Stories for more information).

  • "I've had allergies since I was a child and have been stuffed up more than I care to recall. I rarely suffer from them now, and if I keep it up, I think BodyTalk will help me balance enough to kick them out completely."


Laughter & BodyTalk are the best