BodyTalk Report for: Sample Client

Date: March 11, 2005
Time: 2:00 pm MST; 1:00 pm PST
Practitioner: Brenda Miller, CBI

Client's Health Concerns (Agenda): Digestion problems, sinusitis, and insomnia.

Summary: the session focused on balancing the liver, releasing the emotion anger, and balancing the brain. Other healing priorities and links were the salivary glands (digestion), the muscles between the shoulder blades (where anger is stored), the reticular formation (the area of the brain that relates to wake/sleep cycles), the small intestines and the bladder. An emotional charge stored in the body relating to alcohol was disassociated. The body is capable of continuing to 'run' the links and will in the case of the sinus and the liver for a period of two days. There is no need to do anything different, your body will do it for you!

This sample shows seven formulas to enable this body to balance which activates healing. Some sessions will have fewer formulas and some will have more. Your body will dictate the number of formulas necessary for each session.

Priority: salivary glands
Link: rhomboid muscles on the right side of the upper back between the shoulder blades as a parcel linked to the inferior aspect of the left shoulder blade.

Priority: reticular formation in brain (to do with sleep/wake cycles) to the triune brain
Link: Mind Crystal (configuration of active memories with an emotional charge) in the Thalamus (senses come in here to brain before being dispersed elsewhere); secondary mind crystal in the Liver; Stored in sub of subconscious mind; Affecting: neocortex; Guna: tamas (relating to liver structure); Mudra: yes; Sound used: ree; Color used: red; Emotion: anger; Belief System - subconscious: Angry people are dangerous; CV 17 to start; GV16; Blood Suppy to from and within Thalamus and Liver; Nerve Supply to Thalamus and from and within liver; Lymph: from thalamus and from and within liver/recursive immediate 7 times; Planet: Moon; Chakra: Crown; Meridian: Pericardium of the Heart (protects heart); Consciousness: Prefrontal cortex, brain, heartbrain, kundalini; cortices in parallel Thalamus and Liver (there are about 26 links occurring in this one formula)
Satellite: physical sense of sight.

Priority: Small intestines; inner lining
Link: Bladder
Consciousness: Consciousness of Letting Go (of thoughts that don't matter)
Link: Bloody Supply to the small intestines.

Priority: Sinus
Link: Liver (secretory vacuoles in the cells of the Liver)
Recursive delayed on the Chinese Clock for 2 days at mid cycle on the clock; recursive immediate 12 times.

Priority: Liver
Link: Active Memory
Event: As a child, witnessed an abusive situation involving an alcoholic.
Link: Gall bladder, defined by anger while eating.

Priority: Solar Plexus Chakra (digestion)
Link: Heart Chakra (harmony)
Harmony in digesting life (and food).

Priority: Liver Meridian
Link: Chinese Clock 1:00 a.m. - 3:00 a.m.