What do you get when you combine western medical expertise with Chinese medicine, physics, mathematics, the energy dynamics of acupuncture, the clinical findings of kinesiology, advanced yoga, and advaitic philosophy? You get BodyTalk.

It's a powerful, new healing system that is brilliant in its simplicity…and, it gets outstanding clinical results. The man who created BodyTalk, Dr. John Veltheim, utilized his extensive experience and education and, in a stroke of brilliance, combined healing modalities from all over the planet, ancient and modern, and then 'asked' the body what the healing priorities were through a simple set of 'yes' 'no' responses. He discovered, utilizing computerized biofeedback systems, that when we 'ask' the body what the healing priorities are, and then use the ancient Hatha yoga tapping technique over the brain and then the heart, the body synchronized, communicated and balanced, resulting in healing. It's safe, simple, speedy with results, and effective.

It is now used all over the world by practitioners in over 15 countries.

In the same way a cut on the hand heals through chemical communication with the brain, (with the brain and body working together to form a clot and constrict the blood vessels, among other things), the body balances and then heals itself when everything is communicating and working in synchronicity.

The BodyTalk System™ recognizes that in each of us there lies the innate knowing of who we are and what makes our bodies work. This innate wisdom carries the answers to your health care dilemma and it is utilized through the 'yes' 'no' questions asked of the body.

The practitioner asks a comprehensive protocol of questions to establish what priorities and links the body needs in order to harmonize. The client and/or practitioner touch the parts involved in the repair and the practitioner gently taps on the client's brain and heart. All of this is done energically by the practitioner during distance sessions.