Number of Sessions: 1
Medical Diagnosis
(If Obtained):
Name: Isadora Smith
Date of Birth: April 26, 1967

Arthritis in Isadora's hands kept her up in the night and as a way to help the pain, she constantly rubbed them when the pain woke her up. Other pains throughout her body caused her discomfort ad affected her ability to work, sleep and generally enjoy life. She found that she was in pain all the time at work, and that she had to wake up to shake her hands and then rub them during the night.

After one BodyTalk session, Isadora reported that:

· The arthritis in both hands was gone and she no longer had to stay up and rub them in the night;
· Another pain, located in her shoulder was gone within two minutes of the session;
· The pain in her left knee disappeared;
· Prior to the BodyTalk session, she was unable to sit for an hour without pain in her back and subsequent to the session,   she was able to sit comfortably for long periods;
· She felt really good, and had a comforting sense of well-being.