Back Pain

Number of Sessions: 1
Medical Diagnosis
(If Obtained):
Vertebrae Damage Requiring Surgery
Name: Richie Woods
Date of Birth: December 07, 1953

By five o'clock every afternoon, Richie's back pain left him debilitated. He said that he couldn't stand it anymore, and often had to go and sit on a stool because moving was extremely difficult. After 3:30 every day, he had to take pain medication so he could stand to move. Richie's back pain had been bothering him for about 2 years, and was thought to have been brought on by his job and thirty years of heavy lifting. His medical doctor suggested that he would eventually have to have surgery to alleviate the pain caused by damaged and worn-out vertebrae.

During one session, Richie's pain disappeared and has stayed away. The BodyTalk session was done in 2003 and in the winter of 2005, Richie reported that he was still pain free.