Deaf Ear

Number of Sessions: 12
Medical Diagnosis
(If Obtained):
Congenital Deafness
(right) Ear
Name: Kathy Gette
Date of Birth: May 01, 1957

Kathy's right ear has been deaf since birth. An audiogram examination (attached) in November, 1999 demonstrated her inability to hear anything with that ear.

Surgery was performed on the ear in March of 2000. It was discovered during the surgery that a different part of the ear required surgery than was initially thought to have required it, and she hadn't been asked to sign a consent form for that part of the ear, so no surgery was performed on the ear. It was also discovered during the procedure that Kathy was missing two bones in her ear that were vital to the ability to hear.

After several BodyTalk sessions, Kathy noticed that she was able to hear sounds she couldn't hear before. Her interest piqued, she requested another audiogram exam in September, 2002 (attached). She advises that the examiner repeated the test two times as he was convinced that the results he was seeing were impossible. Kathy had an improvement in hearing in her deaf ear of up to 30 decibels (the equivalent of being able to hear someone whisper from 3 feet away).