Distance Sessions

Number of Sessions: Multiple
Medical Diagnosis
(If Obtained):
Surgery to remove 2" pituitary tumor
Name: Kelly Mansen
Date of Birth: January 17, 1949

Immediate surgery was suggested when a 2" pituitary tumor was discovered by an MRI. It had been shown to have hemorrhaged, which was the reason for immediate removal, as the medical doctor said that another hemorrhage may result in death.

Some sessions were performed at the office, but most of the sessions performed during the time of the surgery and post-operatively were done by distance. He was in surgery for just over 5 hours and lost enough blood that he required a transfusion. The bone above the top teeth (maxilla) was drilled though to gain access to the tumor.

Kelly never had any pain when he woke up from the surgery, only some discomfort---mostly from the packing in the nose. When asked by the staff if he needed pain medication, he said no. In fact, he had no pain medication as a result of the surgery itself while in the hospital at all (5 days). He never experienced pain that a BodyTalk session couldn't eliminate immediately. In less than three weeks, he returned full time to work, saying he feels fine.